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Recognizing Patterns in Behavior

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Understanding the Defense Mechanisms

Psychologist Sigmund Freud proposed several important defense mechanisms. Keep in mind however that defense mechanisms are not used consciously. A person does not decide to engage in one; rather these happen on an unconscious level, and will often hinder a persons ability to achieve a connection to the higher self, above the flesh and ego. In loving communion, we can teach the conscious mind to be governed by the Higher Self. This takes time and a great deal of love and acceptance of where we are now.


Keeping a thought, feeling, or memory of an experience out of consciousness.
It’s the "forget about it!" approach. Many things may be the objects of repression, including forbidden desires or a painful, emotionally difficult situation. Repression is a series of memories living just beneath the surface of the skin, that are present in every moment, and every breath, that never seem to fully dissipate.

With the help of a channeled Reiki Session, the hope is these memories will surface and cleanse themselves in release.Learn More Here...

Recover the balance of mind and emotion with Reiki. To know that everything happens for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and that everything in our lives is a lesson to our souls growth. To take a deep breath and allow life to happen... embracing all that is taking place... then bringing love in to flow harmoniously through the experience to allow healing to take place.


Refusing to accept that something exists or happened.
Denial can also involve altering the meaning of an event so that its impact is diverted. If something important to you goes wrong, you may just say to yourself, "That's not so important after all." This is the common "sour grapes" response.

Often, denial keeps us in a stagnant space.
When we become stuck in a negative situation we find it very hard to see any way out, as we are caught in the emotional turmoil and cannot see objectively, or even from a larger point of view.

Hanging on to a situation, no matter how bad for us, can create great stress in our lives.
Gradually as we let go of the negative we make room for the positive to flow in. In other words, when we see past the death of a situation, we begin to see the rebirth that follows. And all the opportunities and beauty that accompany that rebirth. And change is inevitable when our fear of our current crisis becomes greater than the fear of the changes needed.
Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body. Learn More Here...


Attributing a threatening urge, impulse, or aspect of oneself to someone else. If you think that the best offense is a good defense, you may use projection a lot. Instead of acknowledging that you’re mad at someone, you may accuse him or her of being mad at you.

Knowledge of this projection mechanism is a vital one to understand. Unless we see how we are unconsciously projecting our inner issues out into the world we will be limited in being helpful to others in their quests for illumination in life. We may even find ourselves joining with others in their projected world view, reinforcing the psychic energies the person is trying to resolve. But if we are aware of this defense mechanism, We can learn to strike some kind of energetic balance that will likely help the person heal faster than if we had colluded with them.

Understanding anothers' Projection...If we learn to compassionately see their golden projections as only longings, (to become like the one they adore, or admire) or see their anger and hatred projections outwards as mostly hidden emotional energies (fear, and child-like), then the energy work can more easily help restore balance for the person, through understanding.
Being Kind brings Love into the Will. Learn More...


Creating an acceptable but incorrect explanation of a situation. There once was a thief who only stole from big businesses. He would never think of robbing the Smiths, but super-megastores look out! He explained that big business makes money from "ripping people off," so he's just trying to even the score. Unfortunately for him, the judge he faced for his crimes was not a fan of fairy tales.
Working Honestly brings Abundance into the Soul. Learn More...


Thinking about something logically or coldly and without emotion. For example:
Therapist: "Mr. Jones, your wife has left you, and you've recently lost your job. How does that make you feel?"
Patient: "I've found that the organization in my home has been much improved, less clutter now; her things took up so much room. As for the job, the economy had been slowing down for some time, I could sense that it was coming."

Intellectualizing lifes ups and downs may be preventing you from allowing the "flow" of life and the empathy and passion necessary to direct you to your choices, rather than overthinking every detail, internalizing the feelings that need to be correctly assessed, released and healed.
Counting your many blessings, rather than unmet expectations.

Reaction formation

Doing the opposite of what you would really like to do. Ever gone out of your way to be nice to someone you really disliked? That’s an example of reaction formation. a phobia is an example of a reaction formation as well. The person wants what he fears. He is not afraid of the object; he is afraid of the wish for the object. The reactive fear prevents the dreaded wish from being fulfilled.

Behavior that results from reaction formation can be recognized—or at least suspected—as such on the basis that it tends to have something of a manic edge, that is, it tends to be exaggerated, compulsive, and inflexible. More importantly, perhaps, is that the person's behavior does not seem to 'add up' in the context of his bigger picture, and may therefore appear to be groundless, irrational, or idiosyncratic. In many cases, the behavior is also dystonic, that is, out of keeping with the person's ideal self-image, and therefore damaging to his deep-seated goals and ambitions and—ultimately—to his sense of worth and his actual worth.
Applying the Reiki Precepts to Your daily routine will balance the anger and worry you experience, and change your life permanently. Learn More...


Returning to an earlier or more childlike form of defense. Physical and psychological stress may sometimes lead people to abandon their more mature defense mechanisms. If you’ve resorted to whining when asking your boss for a raise, consider it a display of regression.

Assuming body postures and feeling emotions associated with particular past experiences can be a very effective way to recall and heal past memories, even the ones buried deep in the recesses of your unconscious. Helping clients go back in time through breath, body and movement awareness, talking through the experiences and the relaxation in reiki therapy sessions has beneficial results. Learn More...

Recognizing When We are Using Defense Mechanisms, and How to Resolve them.
Recognizing the behavior is the first step to stopping it.
How do we do this you may ask?...READ MORE

These Defense Mechanisms Indicate an imbalance in the Sacral Chakra , the emotional center of your being. To Learn More, Please click on the image below.

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