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Healthy You! Healthy You!

   Brenda Forsey has lived in Calgary since birth, and has been working with the healing modalities for over 20 years. Her journey began in 1990 when many of her life experiences took a major change. She was introduced to Reiki, and then the other modalities. She began in earnest to study Reiki, and obtained her Level 1 through to her Master/Teacher Level. Brenda then studied Kinesiology as well as Reflexology and has received Honors in every modality, in which her passion has driven her to learn, and in which she enjoys sharing, among so many other talents!

   Brenda enjoys working with people, sharing the joy of bringing harmony to her clients. When she was a novice with healing, she took a course called Getting the Lion's Share Out of Life, and learned that what she did naturally was working with energy, she had her introduction to what she had known all of her life, had felt and experienced. She has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people take headaches and body aches away by placing her hands on individuals and pets and had no idea how it worked, until she began studying, and realized the tremendous gift of Reiki Energy that she could share! Her love of life, and helping others has made her popular among her friends and family.

   Brenda finds her Joy in... The love of family and friends, the beauty in Photography, Art, Writing, Music, Learning, Teaching, laughter and, as importantly, in her purpose of serving others through Reiki. In this gift of Reiki, she has found her true calling, and a sweet offering to all those drawn to experience and/or to learn it.

   Brenda has had a lifelong fascination with... Esoteric studies, energy fields, and how they can be applied to alternative healing methods. She has studied the benefits of feng shui, space clearing, Chakra cleansing, psychology, the healing effects of color, (whether it be food, clothing, residential environment, lighting or Spectro-Chrome Therapy), and sound. She enjoys using all these modalities and more in her treatments.

   Her professional experience includes... The arenas of Business, Arts, Employment Counseling, Music Teaching and related consulting services, as well as various volunteer opportunities throughout her life. This cumulative exposure to people from all walks of life has sharpened her perception of the universality of life challenges, and our common yearning for inner peace, joy and Natural Good Health.
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Healthy You! Brenda Shares her MissionHealthy You!

My life’s passion statement is... To help people accomplish far more than they ever thought was possible. One key way that I am seeking to accomplish this is by teaching people about how to relax! How to embrace the loving core of humanity and to help them feel rejuvenated, balanced, and in harmony in mind, body and spirit!. I have realized that if I can help people with their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, then they will be better able to focus on achieving their life’s passion and meet with their inner wisdom and beauty! I would like to help people facilitate and navigate the changes that occur in their life, and fully realize their amazing potential! I have also created an adult Coloring Book which I Titled, "Coloring For Energy!" Click Here for Info!

Healthy You!
Healthy You!

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Healthy You!

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