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The body is an extremely complex wholistic system. The triangle of health is a map that helps us think about the relationship between the main elements in health:

To be 'Well' and 'Healthy', all three sides of the Triangle must be balanced. In other words, being healthy also means feeling good about yourself and getting along with others. Health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social/spiritual well-being. The three sides of your health are connected, like the sides of a triangle.

Each side of your triangle is equally important to good health. By working to keep the sides balanced, you will be on your way to becoming a healthy person. Wellness is an overall state of well-being. It involves doing your best in all three sides of the health triangle. When one side has issues, likely, it affects the others over time. Reiki treatments benefit you by addressing imbalances in either aspect of your wellness. Learn More...

Health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional,
and social/spiritual well-being.

Physical / Structural / Biochemical Health Including bones, muscles, joints and the activities of life including exercise, rest and physical work. Includes total care of your body. Keeping your body fit, practicing cleanliness and good grooming habits, and eating a balanced diet focused on nutrition, the working of the major organs, body chemistry and physiology including hormones, the immune system, and other regulatory systems.

Mental / Emotional or Psychological Health Includes liking who you are and accepting yourself. Expressing emotions in a healthy way, facing life's problems, and dealing with its pressures and stresses in a positive way. Includes thoughts, feelings, memories, spiritual life as well as physical, herbal and nutritional methods of accessing and shifting states including herbs, neutraceuticals and neurotransmitters.

Social / Spiritual / Energetic Health, represented by the yin-yang symbol in the center. This includes the realm of classical Chinese energetics, and the energetic systems included in virtually every traditional healing system. Getting along with others, Working or playing well in a group, making and keeping friends, and giving and getting support when needed. Feeding your soul and becoming the person you were intended to be...

People who practice the positive lifestyle factors appear to live longer happier lives.

Positive Lifestyle Factors can affect your life now and for years to come, Simply by following the main aspects of good health and well-being;

. Never miss breakfast
. Eating three meals a day at regular times
. Getting 8 to nine hours of sleep each night
. Staying at recommended level of weight
. Exercising for 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.
. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
. Engage in positive relationships with others
. Maintaining correct personal hygeine. Ie; Brushing teeth prevents many issues, including heart disease, heart attack, organ failures, and so much more.

Stress is a killer disease. My holistic approach includes helping you deal with all your stressors. Financial stress is the number one stress facing adults today. My holistic approach that incorporates learning, understanding of human behavior and natural health care can release the stressors that are holding you back from acheiving a calm, active, productive and happy life.

With a whole life of experience helping others overcome lifes difficulties; I can help. My approach is cross-disciplinary and research based. Holistic understanding of nutrition, natural health care, body memory, psychology and natural light work, leads to significant changes.

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