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Everyone can benefit from Reiki treatments. Reiki energy aids the release of stress and toxins in any living being - adults, children, animals, and even plants! Reiki aids your natual healing process to release tension in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Reiki's benefits for Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Partum

Reiki is especially beneficial for expectant and new mothers because it helps prepare women for the physical, emotional and spiritual changes necessary for a "centered" pregnancy, labor and post-partum recovery experience.Learn More...

Reiki is for Babies

The calming effect of Reiki promotes relaxation. Research shows that the massaging and applying the techniques of Reki to newborns helps them grow faster and sleep better. This practice creates happier and healthier babies. By rubbing and stroking baby’s skin with moderate pressure, along with utilizing the healing energy of Reiki, a wide range of benefits can be realized.  Learn More...

Reiki is for Pets

Reiki works well with Animals for the same reasons it works well on children and people of all ages. Have you ever noticed that when you pet an animal, he rolls over to receive more or looks at you with lovey-dovey eyes or sighs? Animals respond to your loving touch and intention. Reiki is another way to help your animals feel better.  Learn More...

Reiki is for Every Religion

Each new idea or change in our world challenges us to adjust to the new knowledge and experience. Sometimes new knowledge has bearing on our religious values and beliefs. Those who take their spiritual lives seriously will often take time to gather information on the new subject, think about it and pray for guidance. After this process, a decision can be made about if or how those new thoughts or practices might be incorporated into their daily lives. This is a spiritually mature way to deal with things of this nature. During the time of research, people will benefit by making sure they make use of information that is accurate and gives an honest and fair description of the subject they are exploring.

By reading, seeking those who have given or experienced Reiki, and praying for insight and guidance, Christians and every other religious sect can make decisions about how Reiki might play a role in their lives through their own beliefs and spiritual practises. Christian churches have a long tradition of adopting practices that enhance the spiritual life of its members based on examples of Jesus' actions described in the Bible. Many Christians have found Reiki to be a spiritually fulfilling practice, and realize the significance of Reiki , by the healing practises Jesus himself used to heal the ailing. Please do send me a message on the Contact Page with any questions you may have, or to book a session. Learn More...

There are no side effects or contradictions with Reiki....Other than the possibility that some patients may feel so calm and relaxed after treatment that they'll become sleepy. It is non-invasive and safe for all ages from premature babies to the elderly, and did we mention pets? Learn More...

Build Reiki and reflexology into your life. It Is a fabulous Way to Become a Healthier, More Productive Person!

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Healthy You!
Healthy You!

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Healthy You!

Building Reflexology, Reiki, and Kinesiology into your life is a     fabulous Way To Become a Healthier, More Productive Person!

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