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Do Pets Like it?...

They Love it! Animals are much more receptive to energy work and intuitive communication than people, because they have not been programmed by society to be skeptical. In fact, many animals will become Reiki junkies.They can sense when the energy is present and will move closer to the source.

Most animals, especially Cats, see the energy. Dogs are really good at showing which area needs the attention first. Horses soak it up like a sponge, and usually require longer sessions than that of the smaller animals. They may paw, or become slightly antsy just before the energy makes a shift. Then they process it with a lick, chew, yawn or head toss.

Our Pets play an important role in our healing. All animal lovers know what it is like to come home from a tough day to be welcomed home by their happy horse winnies, excited dog, or singing bird, or loving cat that purrs and rubs against them. But their healing benefits to well beyond taking our minds off of stress, and replacing it with happy thoughts. Our animal friends provide one of the greatest sources of unconditional love on this planet. They have so much to teach those who are willing to learn. Many times animals will try to pull an illness out of a person and sometimes it will stay in their poor defenseless bodies.

Animals mirror us, with similar physical, mental, or emotional issues. Sometimes they do this out of love in an attempt to help us learn,grow and heal. It is typically much easier for people to help others than to help themselves, and as people learn about issues through their pets, they are gently encouraged and supported to help recognize and shift these issues from within themselves.

Other times animals mirror us because our energy overlaps theirs, or because everyone is exposed to the same environment. Animals may pick up our Physical and emotional toxins within the home.

These are some of the reasons why it is beneficial to work with people and their animals together to receive a full circle of healing and deepening of the close-knit bond we share with our animals.

Every Animal Benefits from Reiki
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