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The Muladhara, or "Root Chakra"

The Muladhara is the chakra of stability, security, and our basic needs. The word Muladhara breaks down into two Sanskrit words: Mula meaning "root" and Adhara, which means "support" or "base." It encompasses the first three vertebrae, the bladder, and the colon. When this chakra is open, The Root Chakra gives us a feeling of being physically aware of ourselves and our surroundings, we feel safe and fearless. When opened, one feels comfortable in situations, secure, stable, well balanced and sensible. There is no unprovoked distrust in others around us and we become very in tune with whats happening right now and are very in-sync with our physical body.

. When under active; one may feel very unwelcome, fearful and nervous. When over active; a person may become greedy, materialistic and be hesitant towards change.

Opening the Root Chakra

You firstly want your mind to become aware of your body. This can be done by doing some mild exercise such as a walk around the block or light house cleaning. This will help to increase the strength of the root chakra.

Next you will want to ground yourself. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend the knees slightly and push the pelvis forward just a bit to sink your weight forward. You want to feel the ground beneath you with your feet flat to the ground and your body balanced. Remember to breathe and relax, you are simply allowing your chakra to become grounded. Now, visualize healing light and energy flowing through your body from the top of your head, exiting from your toes. Remain in this position for 3-5 minutes, meditating on that energy flowing through you, only allowing the awarenes of that energy..

After the standing position you want to sit cross-legged in a quiet place with the flats of your feet pointing upwards in the sitting yoga position. Let the tip of your thumb and index finger touch gently on both hands, Let your wrists rest softly on your knees. Breathe slowly and deeply, visualizing the healing energy washing through the top of your head, through the body, exiting from your bottom. Continue this until you get the peaceful clean feeling. When you are finished you should feel completely relaxed.

Chakra Healing Sound and Balancing
For The Root Chakra at 396 Hz

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Healthy You!
Healthy You!

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