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Ajna, or, "Third Eye"

The Third Eye Chakra transcends time. It is located in the brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose. The gift of this chakra is seeing - both inner and outer worlds. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection. Through the gift of seeing we can internalize the outer world and with symbolic language we can externalize the inner world. The energy of Ajna allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being. It allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths - to see beyond the mind, beyond the words.

It means examining self-limiting ideas and developing wisdom that comes from a perspective that transcends the duality of good or bad, black or white. It means seeing and helping others to see the deeper meanings of the situations in their lives. Being an obsrver, if you will, of the truest nature of ourselves and others.

The Third Eye is not only the seat of wisdom, but also a seat of conscience. This is where you not only see what is going on, but you also know what it means. This is where your sense of justice and your ethics originate.

When the Third Eye chakra falls out of balance, you may experience physical symptoms that include:
vision problems
lack of focus

Manifesting alone or alongside physical symptoms, emotional signs of a blocked Third Eye can include:
panic attacks

Opening the Third Eye Chakra

There are some things you can do to open this third eye chakra such as letting go of material things, leaving behind your fear of death, live a more spiritual life, and be more decisive. Following the suggestions below will certainly help...

1. Just Breathe
Mindful breathing can calm the mind and, in turn, cleanse and open the Third Eye. Being conscious of your breathing not only allows for cleansing, but also balances the chakra system.

2. Meditate
Of all the exercises you can do for the sixth chakra, those that require you to actually engage the Third Eye are the best. Visualizing and meditating on the color blue or purple can help activate the sixth chakra. For instance, sit comfortably and with eyes closed, visualize a blue (or purple) ball of energy in the area of your Third Eye. Simply concentrating on and holding that image is enough to activate the sixth chakra. Concentrating on this image can not only open up the energy center, but it helps dispel imbalance and heal the chakra.

Chakra Balancing for the Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation at 852 hz

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